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報告事項 Announcements

親愛的愛恩中文家長們, 平安!
校內春季學術比賽將於本周開始接受報名, 報名表已於今日發給學生帶回, 並隨email附上, 請填寫好在下周日交給班級老師, 報名截止日為2/25。
2/18 是華盛頓總統紀念日, 學校放假一次 。
3/4將舉行春節遊園會來慶祝春節, 非常需要家長的參與和協助, 除了提供年節應景美食, 各班攤位也需要家長幫忙, 希望大家都能有個快樂時光! 學校也需一些紅包袋, 若您有多餘不用的紅包袋, 例如銀行或超級市場所發的, 歡迎捐贈給學校, 可以在全校時間交給老師或校長, 謝謝!
3/18將舉行春季學術比賽 , 學校網站上有聖經金句的內容和影音連結, 歡迎上網去看去聽, 同樣的連結在學年開始時也有寄出. 在此特別感謝家長James Wu幫助更新了學校的網站 。http://www.efcichineseschool.org/BibleVerse.asp 願 神祝福我們每一個家庭, 也祝福孩子們的學習!

下載報名 表

Dear EFCI parents,
We are starting registration for the Spring Academic Contest beginning this week. We will be distributing the forms to students to bring home this week, and have also attached a copy to this email. Please fill out the form and return to your teacher next week. The last day to register is February 25. There will be no school on February 18 in order to observe the Presidents Day holiday. We will be celebrating Spring Festival on March 4. We would really appreciate parent participation and support, such as bringing traditional Chinese food and volunteering to supervise each classroom booth. We hope everyone has a good time! The school also needs red envelopes, so if parents have any extra unused red envelopes from the bank or supermarket, we would happily accept any donations. Please feel free give any red envelopes to teachers or me during the assembly. The Spring Academic Contest will take place on March 18. The school’s website includes Bible verses and videos. We invite you to check out the website and watch the videos. The same video link was emailed to parents at the start of the school year. We would like to thank James Wu again for helping us update the school’s website. http://www.efcichineseschool.org/BibleVerse.asp

God bless,

Download the form here!


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