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聖 經金句
全年聖經金句 (Bible Verses 2018-2019)
今年的聖經金句背誦, 將由Jessica Yu負責, 同學們若準備好, 隨時可以背誦任何月份的中文經句,並當場領取小獎品。一年內所有月份均背誦過關的同學, 學校將於六月的結業典禮另頒發獎盃以資鼓勵。
Ms. Jessica Yu will be administering bible verse recital this year. Please encourage students to memorize monthly bible verses in Chinese. Your child can go to Ms. Jessica Yu after school if he or she is ready to recite any month's bible verse. Each time a student completes such attempt will be awarded with a small prize. Any student who completes all bible verses of the year will be awarded with a trophy at the promotion ceremony in June.
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