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願 景 / Vision
希望 愛恩中文學校為基督教學校的楷模也同時是橙縣最好的中文學校之一. 我們立志帶領學生們高高興興的學習中文和傳統文化並在靈性成長.
EFCI Chinese School is to be an exemplary Christian school and will be one of the best Chinese schools in Orange County where students will be happy to learn and master Chinese language and culture. Further, the EFCI Chinese School aspires to lead, with passion, a spiritual renewal that advances the purpose of Christ.
宗 旨 / Mission
致力 於文化傳承, 並於社區中宣揚台灣 鄉土與中國文化並推廣基督教精神.
To honor and preserve Taiwanese and Chinese heritage and promote Christian values in our communities.
隸 屬於 / Association
南加州中文學校聯合會會員 Southern California Council of Chinese School
教學 課程內容根據台灣教育部編制海外華語文推廣 教材 - 全新版華語, 部分班級則使用美洲華語為教材
Teaching materials are based on the textbooks published by the Ministry of Education of Taiwan
上 課時間 / Class Hours
星期日下午 1:15PM- 3:30PM Sunday afternoon 1:15PM- 3:30PM
學校假日基本 上與爾灣學區上課時間表同步
School holidays are synchronized with Irvine School District

EFCI Chinese School
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